Graduate (MSc Graduate Program “Advanced Engineering of Energy Systems” ADVENS )

ADMES13 – Computational Methods for the Design and Optimization of Structures (Instructors: D. Giagopoulos, A. Arailopoulos)

ADMES14 – Risk Analysis and Reliability of Energy Systems (Instructors: O. Markogiannaki)

ADMES23 – Stress Analysis Methods: Theory, Simulation, Experiment (Instructors: D. Giagopoulos, P. Natsiavas, I. Zyganitidis)

ADMES24 – Structural Health Monitoring of Mechanical Systems (Instructors: D. Giagopoulos, A. Arailopoulos)


Instructor: D. Giagopoulos

  • Dynamics
  • Mechanical Vibration and Machine Dynamics
  • Numerical Methods in Design of Mechanical Structures
  • Structural Dynamics & Rotordynamics

Instructor: A. Arailopoulos

  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Advanced Methods in Mechanics of Materials
  • Structural Optimization

Instructor: I. Zyganitidis

  • Vehicle Design Methods